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Gary Weckenmann

Dr. Stewart is a great doctor. The service which I received was excellent. The staff is amazing also.

Virginia Sugihara

Dr. J Stewart and all staff are very professional and skilled. Dr. gave me options and let me decide how to proceed.

Liam Jensen

Very friendly practice, they do a great job.

Ann Nowell

Great experience, they are always friendly, informative, and helpful!

Mark Bishop

I have a severe case of neuropathy and take medication for it. But, the injections given helped tremendously and made my condition more tolerable. I convinced my husband to go for toenail fungus and the treatment was a huge success, after 30 years his nails are clear. Highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Stewart.

Charles Forsberg

My wife and I have been going to Coral Desert and seeing Dr. Stewart for years. They are prompt and Dr. Stewart is outstanding

Linda Murphy

Dr. Stewart and his staff are simply the best at what they do. My husband and I have been patients for several years and highly recommend Coral Desert Foot and Ankle.

Garth Hustead

I've been going to coral desert foot and ankle for 18 years and won't go anywhere else these dr.s are great and friendly. I highly recommend them.

Patricia Nelson

I felt I experienced very caring and competent care. I highly recommend Coral Desert for Foot and Ankle Care!

Roberta and Larry Robinson

I really appreciate Dr. Stewart's competent care and his kind and friendly manner!

Diana Lloyd

I appreciate so much the foot surgery of Dr. O'Brien. He is a great doctor and very personable. I have never regretted having the surgery, even though it was a lengthy recovery. If you think you need foot surgery, Dr. O'Brien is the best!

DeeDee Fleming

I love this place and I love Dr. Stewart. He was gracious and kind. He has a great bedside manner. He was a wonderful person/ friend. Dr. Stewart got me on the same day. He was gentle and loving. So persistent that I won’t go back to another place.

ME Elf

Dr. Cameron was professional, astute, and able to immediately diagnose the problem with a resolution to follow.

Branden Simpson

I had two corrective surgeries for Taylor's bunions, one from each foot this past year. They had been causing me huge callouses and discomfort as well as making my foot wider and tighter to get into shoes. I spaced the surgeries 6 months apart. Doctor Stewart operated on each of them and each time within 3 weeks I was back to normal. He has a Coral Desert surgical clinic right near his office so I didn't have to go to the IHC surgery center. He and his staff are very helpful and I plan on going to him for all of my foot and ankle needs.

Bob Klarich

I have to visit Coral Desert Foot and Ankle a couple of times each year. Due to my senior age and toenail issues, I need foot care. The excellent care I get at Coral Desert makes my feet feel 'young' again for several months. The good doctors there have good bedside manners as well!

Foy Blackmon

Best foot doctor I've ever had the pleasure to work with. The staff is awesome and the doctor diagnosed and took care of my issue quickly and competently.

Colton Denning

My procedure was quick and the doctors and nurses are all very personable and kind.

USA Latino

Wonderful professionals in every way! Great service for my wife and self!

Donald Parker

I saw Dr. Landon Cameron for some painful neuromas in the ball of my right foot. He expertly diagnosed them, pretty painlessly injected them with steroids, and I left within minutes- pain-free. Still am. He’s great and highly recommended.

Jody Valantine

Dr. Stewert is an amazing doctor. He always knows just what I need and I come away confident that my foot will feel much better!

Susan Todd

I have had excellent care from Dr. Stewart. He listens to my concerns and bases his suggestions for addressing my problems on my comfort level. The staff is courteous and professional.

Mark Guy

Dr. Stewart and his entire staff are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We don't really think of our feet until there's a problem and if that's the case then Coral Desert is definitely the first call to make. I would recommend him to everyone!

Marilyn Kanas

Dr. Jeff Stewart is easygoing and thorough. Always helpful, never rushes.

Nick Spor

Megan and Dr Stewart are second to none. They have been super pleasant to visit with and listen to my needs and give me the best care possible.

Roger Nelson

Running is very important to me and having my toes, feet, and ankles in their best health are essential. The staff at Coral Desert Foot & Ankle have taken very good care of me and they keep me running. On one occasion I needed a minor procedure done. Dr. Stewart took care of it and wrapped my toe so well that I was able to run my marathon 2 days later!

Gregory Voge

Great experience. The doctor cured my foot problem and was engaging to talk with. At first, I was put off that I had to wait so long for my appointment, but I later realized that the doctor gives each patient all the time they need.


Dr. Jeffrey Stewart is the best podiatrist I have ever visited (I've been to several others). He is caring, listens well, and does whatever procedures need doing perfectly. He doesn't try to get you to do stuff you don't need. His skills are amazing. I strongly recommend him.

Richard Holmes

Outstanding care and service. All the folks were extremely professional as well as caring and responsive to my needs.

Karen Eltzroth

I saw Dr. Jeffrey Stewart, DPM in 2016 for a severe case of plantar fasciitis that had last for more than a year. After trying many treatments which included braces, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections and extracorporeal shock wave therapy, we decided that I was a good candidate for plantar fascia release surgery. This was the best decision for me, with amazing results! Thank you, Dr. Jeffrey Stewart.

Patrick Murphy

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Stewart for several years and highly recommend him, he is an amazing and caring provider with an equally great staff!!

Crystal Chadwick

My feet are unique, to say the least. Dr. Stewart is the only Dr. I would trust these beauties ( said no one ever ) too! Never have to wait long. He is so knowledgeable and caring! Absolutely have had the best care ever! Thank you, Dr. Stewart and staff!

Roo Arledge

When Robert Waterman & Tom Peters penned the book "In Search of Excellence" they must have had Coral Desert Foot & Ankle in mind. They are friendly, professional, affordable, extremely competent, and of course my favorite part of any medical expertise or procedure "PAINLESS".

Kathleen Farnsworth

I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart for several years now. I believe him to be up to date on all the newest procedures and recommendations for my particular needs. I would highly recommend and have recommended him to several individuals.

Monica Ellquist

Always professional and yet very personable. My husband and I are regulars and have never had an issue. Dr. Cameron always takes time to listen to any concerns we may have and addresses them.

Christine Payne

If you have foot or ankle pain, this is the place to go! Everyone is courteous, kind and efficient. Dr. Stewart always helps me, when I need it.

Cynthia Jorgensen

I wish all of my healthcare providers were like Dr. Stewart. Awesome staff.

John Burns

My wife and I have been patients of Coral Desert foot and Ankle for the past year. We have been very satisfied with the service provided to us and definitely would recommend Dr. Stewart to others.

Brianne Wisan

My visit at Coral Desert Foot & Ankle was more than satisfactory. Everyone was friendly, and Dr. Cameron was very thorough and kind. Precautions for COVID-19 were taken. I highly recommend Dr. Cameron! I had surgery on my right ankle and even the physical therapist commented on how quickly I was healing and what a great job the surgeon did!

Andrew Andreasen

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Stewart of Coral Desert Foot & Ankle for five years. He has helped me with several procedures including treatment of hammer toes, relief from ingrown toenails, and the production of the most amazing set of custom designed orthotics that have made walking a pleasure again after years of pain and discomfort.

Frances S.

I get right in with no wait time for my appointment. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else.

Kathy Roloff

I was having continuous pain from plantar fasciitis. I was given a shot in my heel, extra shoe support, and preventive exercises. All in a very professional manner. I was soon pain-free.

Ed Mcnicoll

The treatment I have received for numerous ailments has always been expert and gratifying.

Jerry Jobski

Dr. Stewart and his staff at Coral Desert Foot & Ankle have been very helpful to me in treating injuries to my feet that are mainly associated with overuse. I have done a lot of running and hiking in my life and have suffered several injuries that required surgery and post-surgery care. I highly recommend Coral Desert Foot & Ankle and Dr. Stewart and his very professional staff.

Diane Miller

Both my husband and I had appointments and both of us were treated very well. My husband has a torn ligament in his foot and with the inserts Dr. Stewart put in his shoe he could walk without much pain. My experience was equally helpful.

Tina Palmer

Love Dr. Stewart! He is so knowledgeable! I had an issue years ago, and I went to another pediatrist without any luck the first time I went to Dr. Stewart, he knew what my problem was right off the bat!

Marc Deshowitz

Dr. Stewart performed TENEX Surgery on my Achilles tendon and I have had amazing results. Years of struggling with alternative and physical therapy were solved with a fast procedure in his office. I highly recommend Dr. Stewart.

Gailene Walker

Love this office, I have been treated with respect, and they have gotten me right in when needed. The staff is nice and always smiling. Thank You for being here for us in these troubling times

Roger Hill

I found the staff at Coral Desert Foot & Ankle to be very friendly & accommodating. Dr. Cameron was cordial, professional & prompt. I was very impressed with his care.

Kathy Herd

Very professional and customer friendly. My questions and concerns were resolved within a 20-minute visit. I will continue to work with Dr. Stewart for future visits.

Kay Killpack

I am a Type 1 Diabetic so foot care is essential to my well-being. I am so pleased with the care I get at this office. Making an appointment is always easy, and if you have an emergency they will fit you in, the staff is friendly, and Dr. Stewart is the best. He listens to your concerns and makes a plan tailored for you. Highly recommend.

Sherry Cornwall

Dr. Stewart is the best. He listens to you and makes sure that you are satisfied with his answers and procedures. The staff is wonderful and his office is very clean!

Mitch McBride

Dr. Cameron has been a tremendous help to me. He performed surgery to repair 3 breaks to my foot and it healed wonderfully. I highly recommend Coral Desert Foot and Ankle!!

Justin Poole

Dr. Cameron is excellent, down-to-earth, and confident. He was treated for ingrown toenails and it was surprisingly less painful than expected. Certainly less painful than when I tried it on my own at home. The numbing/cold spray was the key. This is my office of choice for my podiatry needs.

Marlene Deal

Dr. Stewart is personable and knowledgeable. I have been going to him for years with various foot problems, i.e. plantar fasciitis, ingrown nails, and recently bruised nails. He is great and goes the extra mile.

Nina Czapiewski

Last year I had a minor surgery done, on my heel and now I am pain-free and I finally can walk normally again. The doctors have great bed side manners and the staff and super friendly. If you have a problem with your feet this is the place to go.

Sharon Fredrickson

I was there about 5 minutes early for my appointment. Paperwork was ready, I filled it out and turned it in, she notified the Doctor I was there and the lady took be back. I really appreciated the speed of not having to wait. Everyone was friendly, it was nice, and the office was decorated and very attractive.

Kelly Fischer

I had foot surgery 6 years ago with Dr. Stewart. He is amazing. Now I see Dr. Cameron about twice a year for a foot injection for my plantar fasciitis and he is great as well. Highly recommend.

Bryce Eagar

I had an ankle sports injury. Dr. Cameron was able to get me in right away. His office team has been very professional and accommodating to get me the urgent care and surgery I needed. I am very happy with my experience.

Jeffery Fear

I am being treated for a partially torn Achilles tendon and I can't imagine better doctors to care for me. They are young, personable, and very knowledgeable. I particularly like that they informed me of the options available but have recommended a slower, non-surgical approach. Ultra-sound and time have been working and it appears that I will be able to avoid surgery. I will be back on the court soon. Dr. Landon Cameron has also coached me on how to ensure that this does not happen again. And I have to say their support staff is fabulous. Highest recommendation.

Greg Sula

Dr. Cameron has an excellent bedside manner and was the first to listen to my issue, he ultimately removed 2 bone chips from my foot. Outstanding!

Zach Wade

Dr. Cameron has been treating me for plantar fasciitis. I have been extremely happy with his treatment and the results I have gotten, He has a wonderful staff who are always friendly and helpful. I suffered for a long time before getting treatment and was terrified to get the cortisone shots I needed. But Dr. Cameron was wonderful, and it was not at all like the dread I had imagined. He was great and I definitely recommend him for foot and ankle problems.

Cindy Bryant

Dr. Cameron is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very attentive! I had foot surgery (bunion-2screws & staple) in Dec 2017. My foot looks great with minimal scaring! I would highly recommend Dr. Cameron. In fact, having my other foot done soon! His nurse Camilla is also very friendly and attentive! Thank you both for making my first surgery ever easy & informative! Great office!

Zach Reese

I am over the moon pleased with my orthotics. Thanks, Dr. Cameron for saving my poor feet. I use them in my running/gym shoes and have noticed such a difference. Pretty much wished I had done it several years earlier.

Martine Green

I'm two weeks out of my SECOND foot surgery with Dr. Cameron. He has removed bunions from both of my feet within the last 6 months. I cannot praise him and his office enough! The admin staff is friendly, supportive, and extremely competent. Dr. Cameron is so warm and friendly and my feet look amazing. People resist doing this type of surgery, but the actual bunions hurt and I"ve had ZERO pain after both surgeries.

Justin Poole

Dr. Cameron was friendly, knowledgeable, and down to earth. He did a fantastic job on my ingrown toe. Nearly pain-free. The staff was also very friendly.

Bryce King

Staff was friendly. Dr. Stewart was very knowledgeable and didn't push me to make any decisions. I would highly recommend this practice.

Louann Denison

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dr. Stewart and the staff in that office were awesome. I have two under two, and fortunately for the circumstances was referred to this office. They were so understanding and helpful with my kids. We were treated with the best care, and it was extremely affordable for not having insurance! Thank you so much!

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